Lifetime Button Extended Corner Booth Standard Height




Lifetime Button Extended Corner Booth Standard Height

Item Specifications: Lifetime Button Standard Height 1200 mm Extended Corner Booth.




Are you making a new restaurant, bar, dining or breakout area, or just wanting to renew the furniture in your venue? We have the perfect product.

Up until now, fixed seating was just an expensive purchase that was a gamble on how long it may last in the venue, with wear and tear, damages and maybe even wanting colour changes over time.

What if you could make the seating last a lifetime, where every part is easily replaceable and spares are readily available for repairs.  With the ‘Lifetime’ range you can quickly and simply replace any part that shows wear or damage or change the wood colour or even change the upholstery.

Where a table and seats, create a comfortable and private partitioned area in a restaurant, cafe, pub, hotel, nightclub or break-out area.

A seating area in a restaurant with a table and seats whose backs serve as partitions. The whole unit is on show, therefore all sides and outside back are completely finished






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