About Trade Furniture Sales

Trade Furniture Sales is a Derbyshire company with a small but dedicated workforce.  Trade Furniture Sales has been trading for less than a year but is already aiming high.  From humble beginnings in one office to already having three offices, a showroom and two warehouses.

This young company came about when three friends (all local businessmen) collaborated to use their knowledge, contacts, and finances to form TFS.

With two silent partners, Gary was given full control to steer TFS in the right direction.  With a growing customer base and fantastic online eBay shop as well as a new ever evolving website, sales have grown and grown.

Of course, with an abundance of happy customers, repeat business and trade contacts improving all the time a fantastic opportunity arose with a massive contract furniture company.  This company supplies  high street café’s bars bistro’s and restaurants.  Such as Costa Coffee, KFC, Zizzi and Pret-A-Manger etc.

So a new business venture with our associate partner has provided a never ending supply of used and pre- owned commercial grade tables, chairs and other furniture, which is ideal for any new business such as café’s bars and bistro’s.  This type of commercial grade furniture also suits pubs, restaurants, social clubs, colleges, bowling clubs and so on.

With Gary having started his internet business (after being made redundant as an engineer four years ago) from his parents spare room and garage to where the company is now has been a journey of discovery for the engineer and his friends, the builder and the carpenter.

Even better and again with their combined knowledge and contacts TFS has delivered an amazingly bespoke furniture range of industrial proportions and an industrial look.  Fabricated with box section steel and hardwood, this stylish range of made to measure hand crafted furniture has already been sold to pubs, gym bars, bistro’s and even shops for their displays.

This is just another notch on the bow for the industrious businessmen who have worked tirelessly to ensure that TFS will be given every opportunity to succeed.

Of course any good company has to have great staff and TFS are lucky to have employed a very enthusiastic team locally.  With great camaraderie and zest for the companies policies, which are flexible and tailored to each individual and based on the principle that a happy employee is a productive one.

Everyone is a multi-tasker at TFS including the men.  This ensures that holidays and sick days are always covered, optimizing company efficiency and therefore delivering a fabulous service to TFS’s growing customer base.

So TFS has now developed very distinctive ranges which include the new, nearly new, pre owned and bespoke hand crafted sections.

The new contract furniture range is top end commercial grade, mainly tables and chairs.  This service enables customers who want to buy new choose from a large selection of styles and colours and materials to suit the design of their establishment.  Again this came about through working with an associate multi-national partner.

Interior designers often use this service as all this stock is online and updated weekly.  Our nearly new / pre-owned range is by far the most popular part of the business and the bread and butter that keeps the wheels of industry turning graciously while affording the time to develop and compartmentalize other ranges.

No wonder these ranges are popular, for example, a  heavy duty commercial grade wooden chair with a comfortable seatpad can be bought new for 140.00 + VAT from our new furniture ranges.  However to buy pre-owned with TFS the the exact same chair which is slightly worn but in the same structual condition as new can be purchased for less than 20.00 in total.

This is one of the reasons we achieve a large quantity of repeat customers, or customers that have been recommended to us.

There is no-one else who supplies this type of commercial grade furniture at the prices we offer.

Anothe reason TFS has grown is when someone decides to open a cafe for example, (maybe for the first time) they inevitably misjudge the cost involved and by the time they buy catering equipment and refurbish, the cost of buying new furniture is or can be overwhelming.  A refurbished table and four chairs can cost less that 100.00 from TFS.  This is compared to the new cost of around 800.00.  TFS supplies commercial grade quality refurbished as new alternates at a fraction of the cost.  This is one of the main reasons for our rapid expansion.

As our popularity increases and the business grows, more employment opportunities for local people will occur so it’s a win win situation.

As we like to be involved with the community we also support social clubs, football clubs, dance schools, in fact any organisation that provides a service will get an extra 10% discount from our website.

So any club or organisation championing their community shall always get a great deal off TFS.

Our handcrafted bespoke range is fabricated from quality steel and hardwood sourced locally and created by local artizans or experts in their field.

Again we use the best resources and people available locally to create practically indestructable pieces of furniture which has already been delivered to Scotland and the South Coast.

Our reputation as manufacturers is growing rapidly and this is one part of the business that is set to grow.  With enormours potential, our hand made ranges come with the kudos of being British made in the Peak District.  Although tables, chairs, stools and benches are the mainstay in this line we have also been asked to supply shop fittings made and constructed in this industrial style.

This range is one to watch, and look out for the portfolio of the whole range later in the year.  The most exciting thing for the customer is that anything from this range can be tailored to suit their exact requirements.

The steel can be polished, black, painted, galvanised or stainless.  Whereas the wood which is normally oak or sustainable Iroko can be stained, polished or painted to suit individual needs.

Sometimes we can use softwood if its just for interior shopfittings for example, therefore reducing  costs which of course is passed on to the customer.

Surplus office furniture was one of the first line of furnishings sold by TFS before moving fully on into the catering side of things. Again our stock of surplus office furniture was bought from auctions or from manufacturers end of line sales.

TFS is always about supply an demand and keeping our customers happy and while surplus office furniture is in demand we shall always try and supply it at the best prices possible. Surplus office furniture can be a multitude of items from filing cabinets to desks, chairs and even bookshelves.

With the contacts we have in auction houses and with manufacturers we are always looking for job lots of surplus office furniture which we can then pass on at a bargain price to our loyal customers. So while in demand surplus office furniture will always be available on our website.

Used conference chairs are something TFS has an abundance of and our customers can be very different in their requirements for them.  We have sold them to cinemas, banqueting companies, hotels even church halls.  Used conference chairs are always wanted by someone, usually because of their stackability and space saving characteristics, and inevitably because they’re not used that often they can be a big expense if bought new.  So TFS try and buy in used conference chairs that are in good condition because even if they are not used often they’re usually used for important events such as parties and weddings.

Always comfortable and in regal colours, used conference chairs are ever popular and while people still demand them TFS will supply them. Style can vary enormously but the most popular general example is usually a gold painted metal frame with velvet like red seat and back pads.  However wood and plastic examples are also available.

Used reception furniture is also something TFS supply.  Again a lot of new start ups that have a reception area or waiting room needs some comfortable chairs and side tables so customers can wait in a friendly enviroment.  With a lot of companies spending money on their computers, photo copiers and other equipment, the reception area or waiting room is usually the last to be furnished.  So our range of refurbished or nearly new chairs, tables and desks is ideal for new companies with a limited budget..

Reception chairs are often large, square and covered in fabric with wooden arms.  Again we have provided used reception furniture to schools, offices, and even dentists.

Again all our products are commercial grade and as such if the company wants to upgrade in a year or so after opening we can take them in part exchange.  This is just anoither service TFS provides it’s loyal customers.

Quality used furniture that TFS provides is cleaned and refurbished to a high standard, this ensures customer satisfaction and leads to repeat business.

Apart from our bread and butter items like tables and chairs which are always popular, our quality used furniture consists of sofa’s, armchairs, waiter stations, coat racks, tub chairs and coffee tables.

One of our popular items are our ex Costa couches and armchairs.  These are made from commercial grade brown leather and after cleaning look fantastic, and are available at a fraction of the cost new.  They make a great seating in any cafe or pub.  Quality used furniture at TFS is affordable, comfortable and stylish and is one of our most popular ranges.

Where else can you purchase two leather sofa’s and chairs for less than 200.00.  Only at TFS!

Used office furniture is something TFS can provide for our customers at a truly bargain price.  For small companies TFS provides chairs, tables, desks, seats and filing cabinets at a fraction of the cost new.

Our large 4 drawer filing cabinets are also popular with DIY’s and handymen who need a secure cabinet to tidy away tools and sharp implements.  So a large portion of filing cabinet sales are to the blue collar rather than white collar trade.

TFS customers buying our cheaper ranges always come back and trade up when they have the funds because we deliver terrific customer service.

Whether you spend 100.00 or 3000.00 TFS treats all our customers with respect and try our utmost to deliver a fantastic memorable experience.

As TFS is expanding all the time, it is important that our staff keep up with this ever evolving journey, so we reguarly have days out.  This is important for team building, camaraderie and loyalty.

Loyal to the brand – Royal to command!

We are proud we have a happy workforce, we are proud to be a happy company and we are proud of our happy customers.

So if you are small cafe owner in Preston who wants to upgrade his tables and chairs.  If you’re a school in Hull who needs reception chairs for the staff room.  If you’re a gym owner who wants industrial looking furniture for your juice bar TFS is and should be you’re first port of call.

We also offer a discount to anyone providing a service to the community.  So please ask for details when you contact us.

Please note that we also provide  help in choosing or sourcing the right furniture for your establishment.  A personal shopper will help identify matching sets and colours etc.

The most important service we provide at TFS is our endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction.

So please contact us with your ideas or requirements and we will do our best to ensure a happy outcome.

We are here for you at an important time in your life, usually setting up a new enterprise.  Let us share your burden and take some of your stress away by providing you with a personal and rewarding tailored experience to suit your needs.

Call today and we’ll work together to find a fabulous solution to all your requirements.

Collection and delivery of your items couldn’t be simpler.  On collection of your goods our staff will help load and pack your items safely and considerately.

Delivery can be arranged by us through local couriers or by ourselves.  We deliver throughout the UK and to reduce costs try and match your delivery with someone else nearby to reduce costs further to our customers.

However, we are also happy if you want to use your own courier or use the Anyvan app. Finally we would just like to reiterate that although we are a young, fast growing and expanding company our ethos will continue to be customer satisfaction.

Our customer service is second to none and this is supported by the number of repeat clients we have and high internet merchant and eBay rating.

Nobody else offers the range of furniture for the catering trade that we do.  From new, ex display, end of line, and pre-owned to hand crafted bespoke tailored tables, benches, stools and chairs.

TFS is the one stop shop for all your needs whether it’s chairs and tables for your patio or kitting out a whole restaurant.

TFS are here to support you so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us if you have any questions.  Even if you need help deciding on the right materials or colours, styles and costs.

Our expert team offer free advice because as a customer you are important to us.  We want your experience to be as happy and stress free as possible.

TFS is here anytime with a personal, friendly advisor to help you achieve your dream.